9 Ways to Reuse Packing Boxes

Packing for your move can be nostalgic and fun. You often rediscover memories within boxes in the back of that closet, or when going through old photo albums you forgot you had. But, unpacking those boxes allows you to bring those past experiences in your new home.

Now, you’re unpacked and you’ve settled in. But what to do with all those boxes? You could recycle them, or throw them away. But why throw away something you probably had to buy? Rather than letting that money go to waste, try applying that cardboard to a new use:

  1. A Keep-Away Journal – Decorate a cardboard box, and cut a hole in the top. Then, secure the lid to the top, either with glue or a heavy duty tape. You can slip your journal entries into the box, either written on an index card or a folded piece of paper. Open it up in a few years, and discover everything you’ve learned and done in your new home.
  2. Cardboard Animals – Moving can be especially hard for children. Make the transition a little less scary by initiating your first night in the house with a fun arts-and-crafts project. There are hundreds of tutorials on Pinterest for tutorials and other ideas.
  3. Desktop Organizer – Sometimes your desk gets a little out of hand. Make a creative desk organizer by fitting paper-towel rolls (cut in half) into a small box. They make great compartments for pens, white out, and all you other office supplies.
  4. Shoe Tie Practice Board – Using one side of a moving box, draw an outline of a pair of shoes. Then punch three rows of two holes, and “lace”them with old shoe strings. Your kids can practice tying their shoes in their free time, as they adjust to their new room and your new house.
  5. Weed Suppressant – If the house you moved into has a lot of weeds in the backyard, use your moving boxes to cover them. Start by flattening your boxes, then spray them with a water hose. Cover them with a layer of dirt (preferably gardening soil, 1 inch deep). In a few months, once you are ready to take on a new project, you can start planting on weed-free ground.
  6. Cat House – When you move, your pets will likely spend the first few days exploring. You can make a cat house by stacking two cardboard boxes on top of each other, cutting a hole in the center of both. When you stack them, the hole should line up, so the cat can explore both levels. Cut out side holes as windows, and put some old cloth underneath to create a cozy sleeping nook.
  7. Picture Mat – You can reuse cardboard boxes by disassembling them, cutting out center squares, and covering them with crafting fabric. This makes a cute and easy DIY photo frame. It requires no sewing, and can add a creative touch to your new house’s family photo display.
  8. Jewelry Box – Until you have everything unpacked, you may want to keep a small cardboard box for your jewelry. Children can make their own keepsake box as well. Make it a fun project by taking some markers, construction paper, and glue, then make your cardboard box personalized!
  9. Gift Wrapping – You may not need them now, but come holiday season you’ll wish you had extra cardboard boxes around for large gifts. You can use damaged boxes to cut out gift tags as well, for a unique touch.


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers a variety of box sizes, if you need extra supplies when you pack. We are known in Panama City as the a highly-trusted and affordable moving company, and have all the products and services you need to transition to a new home.

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