Mom’s Guide to Moving With Kids

You must be excited, it’s finally time to move! You finally found the perfect community to raise your family, and now its time to prepare them for the moving process.

While you may feel the enthusiasm, your children (especially the little ones), probably have a lot of anxiety. They may be angry with you for deciding to move, pretend as if nothing has changed, beg you to stay. These reactions are all part of the grieving process.

Your kids look to you for guidance, on how to behave and how to feel. Make sure prepare them emotionally before making the big transition. You can help your kids get excited about the new home with these activities:

Map out the community. You’ll want to know where your kids will go to school, where they will have their sports practices or after-school classes, and where they will meet new neighborhood friends. Build a community map in your mind and draw it out, so your children can have certain expectations and make an easier transition. That way they can know where everything is, and start to envision new friends and fun where you’re going.

Declutter the toy box. Letting go is especially hard for children. You can’t expect that they will pack as efficient as you do, but you should  ask to go through your childrens’ toys to see what they are willing to donate. Remind them that they will have new toys and new memories in the new house. Its all part of the process.

Plan a Going-Away Playdate. The day of the move will be stressful. The last thing you want is for your child’s final memory in the home rooted in screaming, crying, or scolding. It’s easier for both of you if they are out of the house. Ask another mom if your kids can hang out at her house, or a neutral location for some play time before you leave.

Kids and toy truck_jpgKids will need ample time to say goodbye. Don’t be surprised if they want to send letters to their friends, see them before you leave, or go past their school one last time before you head out of town. They have sentimental memories associated with your home that you never realized. Always be in-tune with the situation.


Pack plenty of entertainment in the car. To distract your kids from their emotional reactions to the move, or from their boredom in the car, pack a bag of goodies and games. Make sure you have favorite snacks, a good book or movie, and some hands-on activities to keep them occupied. Even if the drive isn’t far, you don’t want your kids to be constantly thinking about how much they miss the house already.

Plan a fun first night in. On your first day in the new town (or new neighborhood in the same town), plan a fun activity. Make the first new memory in the house exciting and happy. You could make your kids’ favorite meal, then enjoy ice cream and a movie. Let them have a little alone time in their new room too. This will also help distract them from any negative emotions associated with leaving the past behind.

Unpack as a family. Bring old memories into the new house, as you unpack and combine sentiments from your previous home. Hang favorite family photos. Let them curl up under a snug blanket that reminds them of home, while you begin to nest. This begins the process of settling in, and starting a new life.

You can check out our Moving Checklist for tips on preparing the entire family for your upcoming move. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Panama City offers all the resources you need when it comes time to schedule your move. If you’re looking for a moving company with high rating in customer service, and would like to request a quote, click here.



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