Customer Appreciation Day at the HSBC!

Anyone who knows the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® family understands our commitment to the Panama City community. We frequently sponsor and donate our time to help local charities and fundraisers do good in the community, and this weekend we helped the Humane Society of Bay County give back to their supporters and friends.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® volunteered at the Humane Society’s Thrift and Gift event this past Saturday, May 20th. They had door prizes and raffles for customers, free food, music, and a bouncy house for all children who attended – and we got to to participate as a sponsor! The event was a huge success; they received many donations to help pets receive their vaccines this summer, and brought in over 100 people to the festivities.

The Customer Appreciation Party was a way for the HSBC to give back to the customers who keep their doors open at the shelter. The Thrift and Gift supports the staff, and all proceeds go directly towards animal care and shelter maintenance. They are the only no-kill shelter in our area – so many people are grateful to have them as the first responder for abandoned and neglected animals.

The Humane Society is near and dear to the hearts of the Two Men Staff, as we often donate and volunteer our services to them. Along with the Humane Society, we also like to get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Bethel Village Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, the Salvation Army, Lighthouse Family Retreat, and the American Cancer Society.

If you have an event coming up, and need volunteers, give us a call! Our marketing specialist will coordinate a phone call with you to discuss sponsorship or volunteer commitments with you. We had so much fun at the HSBC, and want to continue similar efforts throughout the year!


Hiring a Mover in May

It can be difficult to start the moving process. You’ve got a hundred things added to your checklist, so finding time to research moving companies is hard to do. But, hiring a company that’s professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with will make the process so much easier in the end.

The United States Census Bureau reported that the average American moves 12 times in his or her life. And, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, nearly half of all moves are completed in the summer, between the first of May and Labor Day.

This is why we call May “National Moving Month,” starting busiest time of year for us. More than 37 million Americans change residences every year, and we usually see a steady increase from April to August. Our local franchise has grown every May for ten consecutive years.

If you’re thinking about moving this month, or during the summer, this is important to consider. Our schedule fills up quickly, so its best to be prepared before you start calling. Every other moving company will also be busy, and they will all try to earn your business.

Make sure to research different moving companies, the value of their offers and the rate of their services. You may want to check Florida’s moving and storage association to learn what regulations apply to local movers.

We recommend you ask these questions when calling a moving company:

  • Are you licensed?
  • Do you employ day labor or full-time workers?
  • What is your minimum rate?
  • How do you charge?
  • What payment options are available?
  • Is a deposit required?
  • Does your company provide worker’s compensation insurance?
  • How do you train your team prior to them working at my house?
  • How are my belongings protected?
  • Do you offer free estimates?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Is there a contact number I can call on move day if there are any questions or challenges?

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is licensed, bonded, and insured for all of our workers. We employ movers and drivers full-time, so you won’t have day laborers on your property. We have affordable hourly rates, and will provide you an on-site estimate so you can budget accordingly. Of course, we pro-rate by the hour. That means you won’t be charged with an extra hour if we’re not on the job. All of our employees go through extensive training with a moving team lead, but if you have any problems or questions you can call us.

Meet our Favorite Movers of the Month!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK takes pride in the way our employees interact with customers and work together as a team. Sure, many companies will say that they’re a great place to work, but here our people truly believe it. The franchisee established from day one that the Panama City office would be a place where employees could move up in their career.

We want to celebrate the positive work environment by promoting our movers and drivers in a special section of our website: the Meet the team page. Our employees share their stories with customers, and we recently added a Mover of the Month to our page. Our movers and drivers have difficult jobs, so we want them to receive proper recognition.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is an equal opportunity employer, offering a livable wage for all workers despite their history or education levels. Three of our current office employees started as movers, and through hard work and dedication advanced their careers into management positions. We invest in ample training for workers to learn job skills that they can take with them for the rest of their careers.

We’d like to share the bios of our two Movers of the Month in Panama City and Ft. Walton. Meet Alex and Kyle, our honorary Movers of the Month:

image1Alex has worked for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for four years, and is our most reliable mover. He was chosen as our Mover of the Month because of his enduring positive attitude, and ability to work with the team even during times of stress. He applied for the job with few expectations, but through the experience learned to push himself and advance in the professional world. He loves the atmosphere at work, and is grateful to have so many friends surrounding him here. With this experience under his belt, Alex exemplifies the highest standards of industry professionalism. When he arrives at a customer’s house, he works hard to help people and show them both personal and professional integrity.  After work, Alex likes to take his daughter bowling. He is truly a father to be proud of!”

image1 (3)“Kyle, our Mover of the Month, has worked with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for two months. Despite his short time with us, he has proven to be one of the most hardworking and respected movers on our team. He enjoys working with the company because he gets to meet and interact with the community everyday, making the moving experience fun rather than stressful. He gets to know the customer, and does everything possible to ensure they are happy with the service. Aside from meeting customers, Kyle has also made many close friends with the other movers and drivers. On the weekends, Kyle likes to go kayaking with friends down the Econfina. He definitely deserves some relaxation after working so hard all day!”


Both of these movers received positive reviews from our customers this month. One woman wrote, “Alex, Marcus and Kyle were exceptional and very professional. Being personable makes for a great “human” connection = great customer service! I will definitely use them again and even request Alex, Marcus and Kyle.”  Our three-person moving team received this great review not only because of their hard work, but because they show up to every job with a professional, friendly demeanor that presents the TWO MEN customer service perfectly.

Stay in touch for June’s “Movers of the Month.” And share this with your friends, so that our guys get the recognition they deserve!

Downsizing Before Your Move

In recent years, there’s been an upward trend for tiny houses. HGTV even features a show on “Tiny House Hunters,” where couples and families search for homes under 500 sq. feet! Could you imagine living in such a small space? Surprisingly, many people do, but they first must downsize their existing home for a more minimalist style.

Even if mini-homes aren’t for you, downsizing is always a great idea when moving. Keeping only your essentials and sentimentals can save you time, money, and stress when redecorating your new home. But there’s a process to downsizing that’s both practical and easy to do.

First, take into account your new home’s floor plan. You should have a solid grasp on what appliances and furniture you’re going to take, and exactly where these items are going in your new home. Draw our your interior design, including all the large pieces. Next, you should take a look at the walls and storage space. Do you want the same decor in your new home, or are you ready to change it up a little? Obviously family photos and keepsakes will go with you, but why not try new decorations to add some vibrancy?

When packing, go through one room at a time. Analyze your typical routine, and what items you actually use, versus what you keep because you forgot to throw it out or just haven’t even noticed in a while. Very few of the things we own are in use for the majority of our daily lives. But we stick to the logic, “Well I used it once, and if I throw it out then the next day I’ll probably need it.” Yes, it happens that you let go of something and then need it at a later day, but when its time to pack, you have to be very practical.

Now, we’re going to go through your basic checklist of things you should keep versus toss when packing for the move:

You need to keep it if:

It’s sentimental, like photos, jewelry, or gifts from loved ones. “Sentimental” doesn’t mean that coffee cup you got on that one vacation (if you have twenty other souvenirs to rummage through), but your top ten keepsakes are a must. Put them in a special box or safe, so you know they’re protected during the move.

It fits your current lifestyle. If you’re not a runner anymore, don’t bring the treadmill! If you’re moving to a new region, pack clothes and belongings that fit the climate (I.e. don’t take your winter coats if you’re moving to South Florida). Be firm on decisions, and don’t look back at your old life in your new home.

You would buy another if it was broken. Would you pick up this item at the store today, or can you live without it? Most people know you love something the most when its in the store. If you don;t still love it or need, go ahead and toss it.

Toss it if:

You didn’t know you had it. If you forgot about it in your current home, you’ll likely forget about it in the new place. yes, finding lost items bay be exciting at first, but that discovery item will likely end up behind your new couch as well. Don’t pack it!

You have more than one. When you first moved, family and friends probably gave you all the essentials; microwave, coffee makers, towels, silverware. But how much of it do you actually need? An few extras on essentials is fine, but don’t take your second min fridge if you’re really trying to downsize.

It’s a dud gift. No one wants to hurt feelings, but sometimes we receive gifts that just aren’t useful. Its by no fault of their own, you just can’t use everything. rather than feeling guilty about selling your friends’ presents, re-gift them! Send little going away presents to your close friends and family, thanking them for their love and support while you lived there.

We recommend you host a yard sale as a going-away party before, or donate your unpacked items to charity rather than dumping them in the trash. Your excess clutter could be another person’s next great find, plus you’re helping other out!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® offers moving families help with their packing, so you don’t have to stress so much. Just choose your essentials, and we’ll do the rest! We are the fastest growing moving franchise, serving customers across America. We have a 96% customer referral rating nationwide, which not many other companies can say! If you ever need help moving, or would just like to hop on the phone with one of our customer service representatives, call us at (850) 366-6009.

We’re Looking to Hire!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Panama City has grown tremendously in the ten years we’ve been in business. Starting with just two employees, we serve areas all the way from Fort Walton to Panama City Beach. We have over ten trucks that are out in the community everyday, and our location keeps growing! Now its time for us to look for a new member to add to our office team.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® members care for their customers, and get to be involved in the community. We have a small office staff of five employees, and we’re always happy to come to work and be around each other. When one person brings a positive attitude to work, we all share it! You wouldn’t believe that its possible to love working an office position until you come to our franchise, meet our staff, and become part of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® team.

One of our staff members has recently moved in a new direction with her career, and though we’re excited for her, we will miss her as she leaves.We’re looking for a customer service representative, who can fill the position and demonstrate the high level of integrity that our staff promises to every customer.

You will have ample time to train and learn all about what we do at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. However, we ask that our applicants have the following criteria on their resumes, to know that they’re a good fit for the job:

  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED) is required. Associates degree in related field preferred
  • A minimum of six months to one year of customer service and/or office experience is required; Outside or inbound sales and/or TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® or moving industry experience is preferred
  • Demonstrated understanding and application of effective selling strategies and techniques
  • Confidence to initiate customer contact, including calls and onsite visits
  • Basic computer and keyboarding skills
  • Able to perform basic business math
  • Able to present a professional image at all times to customers and vendors
  • Demonstrated integrity, ethical standards, and commitment to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Core Values

While this doesn’t cover everything you’ll be doing as a CSR, it should give you a good understanding if this position is in the right direction for your career. We are happy to schedule a meeting with you to interview, but please submit your application here.

We look forward to meeting you! You’ll learn so much on the job, and have the opportunity to move your career forward with us. Many of our staff actually started as movers or drivers, and were able to use their skills to become managers. We believe great things are possible for all employees, and want you to be that next person!


Mother’s Day at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

Yesterday was our drop off day for Movers for Moms® campaign. We asked ten local businesses to host donation boxes at their facilities, to collect items for mothers in need at the Bethel Village Women’s Shelter. This year, they received over 700 donated items, including bath and beauty supplies, chocolates, and essential care items.

Bethel Village serves as a shelter and space for family for many women who have no other place to call home. They also run a year-round drug and alcohol recovery program, which incorporates teaching from the Mission and a workforce development program. The ladies that live there say they appreciate their time there, where the staff works everyday to make them feel cared for and secure.

Ms. Jenny Martinez, administrative assistant and recovery program graduate, said when asked about our Movers for Moms® program, “We are so grateful to have Two Men and a truck come today and deliver all the donations, from everybody in the community. Thank you, it does a lot for us and our recovery process.” Ms. Rachel Duvall, coordinator of The Bethel program gave us a personal message of gratitude for choosing Bethel as the Movers for Moms® recipient for the past four years.

We also want to thank our community partners for hosting our boxes at their sites. This year we had two pick up days, because so many people donated. It truly shows how much our community cares for those in need, especially mothers who have sacrificed to be with their children through very difficult times.

Make sure you tell your mother, your grandmother, your aunts and every mother in your life how much you appreciate them this Sunday. Every mother gives their child the most precious gift of all: the gift of love. Even when circumstances are tough, mothers always know that their children are what matters the most.

Thank you to our partners, our community, and Bethel Village for making the Mother’s Day a true celebration for all.

Combining Households After the Wedding

First-time marriages are occurring later in life, according to recent U.S. Census Bureau figures. Men now typically get married close to 29, while women marry on average at age 27. That’s a 30 percent increase in median age from 1960.

Fifty years ago, engaged couples were barely into their 20s and often still living at home. The traditional wedding shower carried great value as it supplied newlyweds with all the necessities married life required, including dishes, cookware and bedding. But things have changed, now that your fiancee is likely to be living on their own, with their own apartment or even home.

Because today’s first marriages are between older couples – not to mention second or third marriages – the prenuptial preparations are also changing. Deciding whose couch goes in the new home, or how many TVs the new couple needs is only the beginning of the new challenges newlyweds must face when moving in together, after some time of single adult life.

Sean Wise, franchisee of several TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations, has helped many newlyweds move into a home for the first time. He shares a unique perspective of the challenges associated with combining households for first marriages.

“It’s tough because you both have things that you want to keep, but you just don’t have the space,” Sean says. “The successful couples we see when we help move people are those who first take inventory of what they have and sort it out. This way they have a good idea of what essentials they both have, and what can go towards donations or a yard sale. I know it’s a lot to think about, particularly when you’re planning for the wedding, but ultimately you avoid moving things two or three times, and can save money in the long run.”

Proper planning is the key to starting off in a stress-free environment when moving in together. If you’re looking towards the future with a new partner, take some time to discuss your moving Professionals suggest the following tips for combining households for first-time marriages:

  • Go through each house together, and identify which items are duplicates. Talk about each item honestly. If you can legitimately use a second item or set, like your cookware and various consumables, keep them. If you can live with one item, like your television or large furniture, choose the one that is of better quality or is in better condition.
  • Once you have narrowed down what needs to be packed, organize with boxes and colored markers. The best way is to put both of your items in boxes by the room category. Keep the personals separate, but most of what you pack should go together.
  • Have a joint garage sale or auction as part of your pre-wedding festivities. A little extra cash can be spent on honeymoon luxuries, and your friends and family will know what not to get for the bridal shower. Plus, you’ll begin to envision your life as a shared commitment, when your material world begins to merge.
  • Once everything is gone, consider going through one last time and finding things to donate. Try to be as logical as possible – will you really need that in a year? It feels good to give your items away to someone who may need it more. Giving away clothes or outdated electronics not only helps those in need, but gives you a reason to go shopping for something new together!

If you know someone who is planning to move in with a partner this summer, share this post with them to help them prepare. You can contact TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for more moving tips, or click to download your Complete Moving Checklist


May is National Moving Month!

In the real estate and relocation service world, May is the most important month of the year. Its the time best for families with school children to move, and for business expecting busy summer months to relocate or expand. We at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Panama City never have a quiet day in the office!

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers great resources for people looking to move. Like us, they have a moving checklist that covers all the basics you’ll need know before the day of your move.

Because May is historically the busiest month for our business, we’ve prepared by expanding our team, updating our trucks, and adding special benefits to our customers. We have new hires in training to maintain the level of customer service that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® prides itself on. When you call us for your moving estimate, we want to offer you the best customer experience possible.

Some of our other special offers and services during the month of May include:

  1. $50 Gas Card Giveaway – Our Panama City location received so much successful business over the past ten years that we decided to expand our locations to the Ft. Walton area. As part of our May marketing effort, we’re giving away a $50 gas gift card to one of the first 100 people to “Like” our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Ft. Walton/Destin Facebook page. We want to help our customers move forward, and figured $50 worth of gas was a great way to do that! Go ahead and enter to win by clicking the link and liking our page!
  1. Use Updater for Your Move – Though we do our best to make the moving and packing experience as easy as possible, there are still some services we don’t quite cover. Have you considered how you’re going to forward mail, update your accounts, tell all your friends and family where to send mail and packages, or connect internet and utilities to your new home? Most people don’t consider these things until after the move.. But we found a great service you can use to do all that for you, in minutes! Updater is the company that will help you readjust to your new address, in all the aspects you haven’t even considered yet. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is considering offering this service directly on our website! Until then, check out their homepage to learn more about their service, team, and benefits of having their user-friendly app.
  1. Home Delivery for Packing Supplies – TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® sells the packing supplies you need on the day of your move. You may decline these extra products when first receiving your phone estimate. It’s not like you really need all those boxes, right? You may not know what to expect until we actually start packing your belongings. But because of our promise to exceed expectations with every move, we bring extra boxes and packing supplies right to your doorstep. If you don’t need them, we won’t charge you. But its always better to be prepared, and we know our customers appreciate having our movers look after their belongings at all stages of the moving process.

As we celebrate National Moving Month with these best offers for our customers, we hope to continue the reputation TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has for being the best customer-service based moving company in Panama City. If you want to learn more about our services, contact us to speak with an office staff member.