Mother’s Day at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

Yesterday was our drop off day for Movers for Moms® campaign. We asked ten local businesses to host donation boxes at their facilities, to collect items for mothers in need at the Bethel Village Women’s Shelter. This year, they received over 700 donated items, including bath and beauty supplies, chocolates, and essential care items.

Bethel Village serves as a shelter and space for family for many women who have no other place to call home. They also run a year-round drug and alcohol recovery program, which incorporates teaching from the Mission and a workforce development program. The ladies that live there say they appreciate their time there, where the staff works everyday to make them feel cared for and secure.

Ms. Jenny Martinez, administrative assistant and recovery program graduate, said when asked about our Movers for Moms® program, “We are so grateful to have Two Men and a truck come today and deliver all the donations, from everybody in the community. Thank you, it does a lot for us and our recovery process.” Ms. Rachel Duvall, coordinator of The Bethel program gave us a personal message of gratitude for choosing Bethel as the Movers for Moms® recipient for the past four years.

We also want to thank our community partners for hosting our boxes at their sites. This year we had two pick up days, because so many people donated. It truly shows how much our community cares for those in need, especially mothers who have sacrificed to be with their children through very difficult times.

Make sure you tell your mother, your grandmother, your aunts and every mother in your life how much you appreciate them this Sunday. Every mother gives their child the most precious gift of all: the gift of love. Even when circumstances are tough, mothers always know that their children are what matters the most.

Thank you to our partners, our community, and Bethel Village for making the Mother’s Day a true celebration for all.


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