Downsizing Before Your Move

In recent years, there’s been an upward trend for tiny houses. HGTV even features a show on “Tiny House Hunters,” where couples and families search for homes under 500 sq. feet! Could you imagine living in such a small space? Surprisingly, many people do, but they first must downsize their existing home for a more minimalist style.

Even if mini-homes aren’t for you, downsizing is always a great idea when moving. Keeping only your essentials and sentimentals can save you time, money, and stress when redecorating your new home. But there’s a process to downsizing that’s both practical and easy to do.

First, take into account your new home’s floor plan. You should have a solid grasp on what appliances and furniture you’re going to take, and exactly where these items are going in your new home. Draw our your interior design, including all the large pieces. Next, you should take a look at the walls and storage space. Do you want the same decor in your new home, or are you ready to change it up a little? Obviously family photos and keepsakes will go with you, but why not try new decorations to add some vibrancy?

When packing, go through one room at a time. Analyze your typical routine, and what items you actually use, versus what you keep because you forgot to throw it out or just haven’t even noticed in a while. Very few of the things we own are in use for the majority of our daily lives. But we stick to the logic, “Well I used it once, and if I throw it out then the next day I’ll probably need it.” Yes, it happens that you let go of something and then need it at a later day, but when its time to pack, you have to be very practical.

Now, we’re going to go through your basic checklist of things you should keep versus toss when packing for the move:

You need to keep it if:

It’s sentimental, like photos, jewelry, or gifts from loved ones. “Sentimental” doesn’t mean that coffee cup you got on that one vacation (if you have twenty other souvenirs to rummage through), but your top ten keepsakes are a must. Put them in a special box or safe, so you know they’re protected during the move.

It fits your current lifestyle. If you’re not a runner anymore, don’t bring the treadmill! If you’re moving to a new region, pack clothes and belongings that fit the climate (I.e. don’t take your winter coats if you’re moving to South Florida). Be firm on decisions, and don’t look back at your old life in your new home.

You would buy another if it was broken. Would you pick up this item at the store today, or can you live without it? Most people know you love something the most when its in the store. If you don;t still love it or need, go ahead and toss it.

Toss it if:

You didn’t know you had it. If you forgot about it in your current home, you’ll likely forget about it in the new place. yes, finding lost items bay be exciting at first, but that discovery item will likely end up behind your new couch as well. Don’t pack it!

You have more than one. When you first moved, family and friends probably gave you all the essentials; microwave, coffee makers, towels, silverware. But how much of it do you actually need? An few extras on essentials is fine, but don’t take your second min fridge if you’re really trying to downsize.

It’s a dud gift. No one wants to hurt feelings, but sometimes we receive gifts that just aren’t useful. Its by no fault of their own, you just can’t use everything. rather than feeling guilty about selling your friends’ presents, re-gift them! Send little going away presents to your close friends and family, thanking them for their love and support while you lived there.

We recommend you host a yard sale as a going-away party before, or donate your unpacked items to charity rather than dumping them in the trash. Your excess clutter could be another person’s next great find, plus you’re helping other out!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® offers moving families help with their packing, so you don’t have to stress so much. Just choose your essentials, and we’ll do the rest! We are the fastest growing moving franchise, serving customers across America. We have a 96% customer referral rating nationwide, which not many other companies can say! If you ever need help moving, or would just like to hop on the phone with one of our customer service representatives, call us at (850) 366-6009.


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