De-Stress on the Day of Your Move

We all know moving is stressful. In fact, a recent survey of 2,000 adults showed that 62% reported moving as the most stressful life event they’ve ever experienced. It topped both divorce and starting a new job – we didn’t expect that!

Moving is so stressful because there is never enough time, enough space, or enough boxes to pack everything. So how you you unwind when the pre-move To Do List keeps surmounting? We have a few ideas that you can try, in the weeks and days before the final moving day.

  1. Plan with our Moving Checklist. We recommend you use this, not just because we use it, but because it was created by the very people who deal with moving every single day. Our team wrote this moving guide based on experiences reported from our customers over the years. It will take you through the steps of moving, an entire month before the final day.
  2. Streamline the process with technology. Most people reported that the most stressful moments of their move involved redirecting mail, updating contacts, and planning for travel time. But, today there are apps for everything out there. You can use websites that will update addresses and mail for you, can help you plan routes that avoid interstates and have rest stops (especially important for moving with children), and send emails to your friends to let them know you’re new address.
  3. Pack your bags. We don’t mean your moving boxes. Set aside a travel bag that has your essentials – electronics, chargers, snacks, music, written directions, and everything else you would pack as if you were going on vacation. This will help you as you’re travelling, so you don’t have to dig or be inconvenienced if you left something in your packing boxes.
  4. Take the kids out of the house. On the day of the move, see if you can find a babysitter or a friend who can take your kids out while the movers are packing. The kids will either be grumpy or very excited. You need to focus on the preparation, while still making sure the family gets through the process smoothly.

If you need more help, check out this post on 6 Things People Do To Complicate Their Move. It can help you in the planning process, to make sure you don’t add on the stress as you get ready for the big day. And if you’re ready to start looking for a moving service, contact our office for more details.  We want to help you de-stress on your moving day!


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