Things to Know Before Moving to Florida

Florida has made it on the Top Ten list of states to live in the U.S. We live on a peninsula, which means beach access no matter where you live. You can expect mild weather, plenty of attractions to visit, and small towns that are great places to live and raise a family. We know everything that’s both good and bad about living in Florida, and want to share with you some things to consider when preparing to move:

  1. We have no seasons. Its a running joke to Floridians that we wear flip-flops and shorts all year long; yes, even on Christmas! Summer experiences the greatest change in temperature, but for the rest of the year Florida stays around 70 degrees, with a slight breeze and fair humidity. We’ve only had snow in Panama City once – its nice to know you won’t have to worry about packing long winter coats when you move! Just prepare for the summer heat, and you’ll adapt just fine.
  2. Everything is casual. Since you can wear flip-flops and shorts all year long, most people do! Beachside restaurants and entertainment venues almost always have a casual dress code, even ones with 5-star ratings. Of course business casual is the same in Florida as it would be in any other state, but when you’re out on the town, don’t worry too much about your outfit. No matter what you  wear, you’ll fit right in.
  3. Your hair will get lighter, and your skin will get tanner. Yep, you’ll be spending a lot of time outside. Many businesses are based outdoors, and Florida’s ecotourism is widely popular no matter what area you live in. It’s actually best if you wear sunscreen at all times during the summer, not just on beach days.
  4. You’ll never want seafood from anywhere else. Florida locals know that the seafood we get on the Gulf is better than anything shipped from other states. Once you move to Florida, you will understand the difference between fresh and frozen, especially when you see the boats in the morning, unloading the day’s fresh catch and taking them to the various local restaurants around town.
  5. Hot and humid are not the same thing. It gets hot in summer all around the country. But the  difference between heat in Arizona and heat in Florida is significant, because if the high humidity that we experience. When so close to the coastline, the air is moist and heavy. Typically there is not breeze. 80 degrees with humidity will feel like 120 degrees anywhere else. This doesn’t make a Florida summer day any less enjoyable, but it will take you by surprise if you’re from a dry climate.

Keep these little nuances in mind, as you prepare to move to the world’s most beautiful beaches! When you get closer to the day of the move, call Two Man and a Truck to receive a free estimate. We look forward to serving you!


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