The Best and Worst Times to Move

Stress from a move fluctuates the closer you get to your deadline. As you start looking for new places to live or new property to buy, you may be tempted to move as quickly as possible. But there are some advantages to waiting for the right season, month, week, or even time of day. How would you know that if you weren’t a mover? Well, we wanted to let you know about the business insider’s tips, so you can plan you move accordingly:

Spring and Fall – These times are best for people to move, because all during the summer our schedule is packed. Kids are out of school, and people can usually get more time off during the summer than they can during the fall or winter. While it may be more convenient to move during the summer, you have to book months ahead of schedule to make sure you can find a reputable moving company on your preferred move weekend.

Midweek and Midmonth – The first and last of the month is usually when people have enough money saved up. This is also the time when apartment leases usually end. Weekends are preferred for moving because people have time off and can make the move, and are at the end of their lease. So if you can, move out either the second or third week of the month. You won’t have to book as far in advance.

Schedule ahead of time. Planning ahead is essential to make sure you can choose the best moving company for your move. If you wait until the day or two before your planned move day, you may not have as many options. Usually its best to call each company a month before the planned day, and book your move a couple weeks prior. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® usually has availability during the week, but weekends book fast.

If you are ready to plan your move, call TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® in Panama City. As summer comes to a close this is the perfect time to plan your move. We have competitive rates and offer a full-service moving package that includes packing services, complimentary stretch wrapping of all furniture and appliances, and post-move customer service if you have any problems during the move. Feel free to call our office at (850) 785-2222 for more details, or visit our website.



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