Two Men and a Truck Celebrates National Customer Service Week!

What makes  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Panama City the top rated moving company in Panama City? For many people, it’s our commitment to customer service excellence. With every move, we promise to try and exceed customer expectations, from the moment they call our office to the time our trucks leave the driveway. Not many moving companies have customer service employees like we do, and we are proud to have such a great team behind the  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® company name.

“Being able to work on the trucks and helping people physically was great, and now this part of my career at Two Men and a Truck help people mentally, is as self-satisfying as the physical aspect.” says Mike, one of our customer service representatives. Mike was one of the first employees at the  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® in Panama City. Because of his dedication to the company, he was promoted from a mover to a trainer, and now a CSR.

Courtney, our other CSR in Panama City, has worked for  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for almost two years. Our customers love to hear her happy voice on the phone. Making our customers feel at ease and comfortable with our company is one of the many ways  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® exceeds in customer service.

Another reason TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is renown for its dedication to customer care is because of the merit of our movers and drivers. We employ a full-time moving crew rather than day laborers. Each of them learns the  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® standards of customer service from the other experienced team members.

In honor of National Customer Service Week, we want to thank all of our employees who work directly with customers, whether it be in the office, on the phone, or at their house or place of business. Stay updated on social media for ways  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Panama City celebrates this week with our customers and staff!


Two Men and a Truck Finds Refuge for Homeless Animals

Most people don’t realize the harsh reality of animal euthanization in America. Over 3.7 million animals are put down each year. 50% of of dogs, and 70% of cats are euthanized because they are not adopted and the animal shelter facility cannot care for them anymore. Yet, according to the ASPCA, only 29% of pets with homes in the United States come from shelters or rescue centers. This means that many loving animals are overlooked simply because they are in a shelter. But these numbers can change.

The Humane Society, a nonprofit organization, provides shelter, animal rescue services, and promotes animal right advocacy across the United States. Their animal rescue programs benefit communities by placing a home for animals. They are proactive in their approach to reducing the problem of pet homelessness, and believe that an active community is a key component in ending animal cruelty. Te Humane Society combats illegal animal operations such as puppy mills, animal fighting, factory farming, and illegal trade.

Your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® in Panama City has teamed up with local businesses and organizations to collect donations for the Humane Society of Bay County this fall. Similar to our Movers for Moms campaign in the spring (to provide Mothers’ Day gifts to women in homeless shelters), we want to raise awareness and donations for this charitable collection drive.

Movers for Mutts will run from September 7 through November 8. We have ten participating partners who are also accepting donations at their place of business. If you would like to see where you can donate, please visit our website’s Community Service page.

Like and Share this on Facebook, or enter to win our #AdoptMe Photo Contest! The winner will receive a $100 gift card to the Humane Society Thrift and Gift Store, and an all-inclusive pass to the 2016 Holly Fair. We want to encourage people to donate, or to adopt a pet in need this fall.


Movers for Mutts Helps Animals in Need

Every spring TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® in Panama City promotes our charity campaign Movers for Moms®, to provide women in homeless shelters gifts on Mother’s Day. We thought it would be even better if we could extend our giving to the fall time, when people are preparing to celebrate the holidays and give back to the community. But instead of running the same Movers for Moms® campaign, we’re collecting donations for a new cause:

Movers for Mutts!

Movers for Mutts is a community donation drive to help collect donations for the Humane Society of Bay County this fall. We’ve partnered with nine different organizations to host collection bins, and starting September 7th we will be promoting the cause across the region, asking people to donate for the animals in need.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has been a proud partner with the Humane Society many times over the years. Just this spring we helped them with their Customer Appreciation Day at the Thrift and Gift Store, and we always give generously to the shelter so they can provide shelter and veterinary care to the animals year- round. The HSBC is the only no-kill shelter in our area. It’s time too say thanks for all that they do.

If you want to join the cause, you can donate items such as pet food, collars, litter, or toys to any of these nine locations:

We encourage everyone who can to drop off even one item, as the thoughtful contribution will improve the livelihood of a shelter animal. You can also drop off donations at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® office as well. Please call us at (850) 785-2222 if you have questions.

We’re offering an incentive for people to donate too our fall program. If you visit one of our drop off locations and donate to the HSBC, take a picture with your items and upload it to our #AdoptMe Facebook photo contest. You can also take pictures of any pets you’ve adopted from the shelter.

If you enter the contest, you have a chance to win an all-inclusive package for the 2016 Holly Fair, and a $100 gift card to the Thrift and Gift Store, yours free!

You can learn more here. You can also contact us, or read more on our website.