Two Men and a Truck Finds Refuge for Homeless Animals

Most people don’t realize the harsh reality of animal euthanization in America. Over 3.7 million animals are put down each year. 50% of of dogs, and 70% of cats are euthanized because they are not adopted and the animal shelter facility cannot care for them anymore. Yet, according to the ASPCA, only 29% of pets with homes in the United States come from shelters or rescue centers. This means that many loving animals are overlooked simply because they are in a shelter. But these numbers can change.

The Humane Society, a nonprofit organization, provides shelter, animal rescue services, and promotes animal right advocacy across the United States. Their animal rescue programs benefit communities by placing a home for animals. They are proactive in their approach to reducing the problem of pet homelessness, and believe that an active community is a key component in ending animal cruelty. Te Humane Society combats illegal animal operations such as puppy mills, animal fighting, factory farming, and illegal trade.

Your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® in Panama City has teamed up with local businesses and organizations to collect donations for the Humane Society of Bay County this fall. Similar to our Movers for Moms campaign in the spring (to provide Mothers’ Day gifts to women in homeless shelters), we want to raise awareness and donations for this charitable collection drive.

Movers for Mutts will run from September 7 through November 8. We have ten participating partners who are also accepting donations at their place of business. If you would like to see where you can donate, please visit our website’s Community Service page.

Like and Share this on Facebook, or enter to win our #AdoptMe Photo Contest! The winner will receive a $100 gift card to the Humane Society Thrift and Gift Store, and an all-inclusive pass to the 2016 Holly Fair. We want to encourage people to donate, or to adopt a pet in need this fall.



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