Stress Free Renovation

It sounds like an oxymoron! There is no such thing as stress free renovation. All the planning, budgeting, picking out colors, and deciding if you are willing to go further than just a master suite with the standing shower and a separate bathtub with a huge window…

In addition to everything you want to do at the new space, you have to decide where to put your furniture and other belongings while you are renovating. Even if it is just a simple cosmetic update of one room, all the décor, couches, bookshelves, books including, all this needs to go somewhere.  Anxiety is perfectly normal, but there are ways to lessen it.

Moving furniture for renovation

There are some options. You could just move it to one corner of the room while you are painting, however, furniture might get accidentally stained or dusty. You probably heard those horror stories of a simple backsplash update in the kitchen – fine white powdery dust spreads everywhere: inside the cabinets, floor, TV, bookshelves, even in the bedrooms on the second floor. Why not prevent such mess?

Imagine how much easier it would be to just pack all your belongings into boxes for a couple of days, have a completely clear workspace, get the renovations you want done in a short period of time. All you need do after is bring in the furniture, hang your new curtains, and rearrange the pictures on a freshly painted wall. But you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Two Men and a Truck can help elevate some stress during your renovation. We move as much or as little the customer needs. No mess, no paint stains on coffee table, no plastic covers and masking tape everywhere. Everything neatly packed in boxes we provide, moved to the storage or garage and then brought back in and set up. You’ll feel like your house is featured on one of the shows on TV!


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