5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here! Depending on the area you live in, you start noticing melting snow, or first flowers and trees blooming, warmer days, and the sun shining brighter. Here, in Florida, the sign of spring is lounge chairs on the beach. The season is officially open and condos and hotels are ready for visitors.

For most of us, spring is the time of renewal and freshness. And deep cleaning of your house, garden, and car is necessary! Whether you are moving or just doing a spring cleaning of your place, here are some tips to keep in mind.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning
Tips for Spring cleaning and decluttering
  1. Start from the top. When cleaning your living areas, start the cleaning from the top. The dust and other debris will fall down so you won’t have to clean the cabinet surfaces twice.
  2. Vacuum everything. Anything you can vacuum will be much easier to clean once the dry dust is gone. We recommend going over the window blinds, headboards, ceiling fans, etc, before wiping them down with a cloth. Cordless vacuum cleaners are perfect if you are cleaning your car, because they are light and usually small.
  3. Presoak. Spraying cleaner onto heavily stained surfaces will save time and scrubbing effort. (also check out this great professional organizer Alejandra Costello for more ideas)
  4. Clean hidden spots. Don’t forget about drains, filters, and vents. Dust collected there can cause fire. Or increase your electrical bill in case of AC filters.
  5. Declutter. Spring and change of seasons is a great time for decluttering and moving out things you are tired of or don’t use. Some moving companies offer such services as hauling and storage moving, just in case you want to save unwanted items for the next yard sale. Clearing up room from old/damaged furniture and décor will not only create space, but also will allow you to think of possible updates to your living space.

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