Moving Day Madness: How to Organize Your Home After Moving

No one argues that moving is a big stressful event in our lives. We can almost feel cortisol (the stress hormone) being released! But when you have professionally trained movers, it is a lot easier to keep track of your furniture, lamps, books, and kitchen utensils and have an organized unpacking.

Speaking of organized…have you seen the house or apartment you would be moving to? Is it larger or smaller than your current home? Make sure and visit the new place and see the layout. That way you will know what furniture or decor items you are keeping and what can go to a donation center or at least a storage for now. It also helps to know if you have a tight corner in your living room and that your current couch might just not fit. Or the staircase is so narrow that it might take you awhile to figure out how to get your king size mattress upstairs.

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It is beneficial to have your house plan or layout before you move. It will help reduce moving time and the hassle of just unloading the boxes and then having to move them by yourself. Walking through the house and visualizing where you can put things will help your move go smoother. Moving Insider recommends: “Be sure to communicate clearly to the people who are helping you move the furniture from the moving truck.” Once the plan is communicated, you can just relax and let the movers take care of it.
Among other tips for stress free unpacking: Labeling boxes and rooms with the same color sticky notes. You won’t need to direct the movers when they carry in boxes and if you are moving yourself this will definitely save you trips up and down the stairs. Consider unpacking the necessities, like kitchen and bathroom supplies first. Keep that moving day box handy! You’ll be surprised how simple things like disposable plates, cups, and paper towels can keep you from feeling overwhelmed.
Follow these simple tips and your move will be stress free, or give us a call and we can send our two men who have been professionally trained and will take care of your belongings.


SAQs: Should Asked Questions

Ask us the right questions when you call to book a move

Remember last time you talked to someone on the phone and after you hang up you realized you should have asked something and you forgot? Don’t miss these five questions when you call us and talk to one of our customer service representatives:

1. Ask us if we are licensed, bonded, and insured. Life is unpredictable and accidents happen, things break, and even though we take all the precautions and train our movers on wrapping and proper transportation, you can never be too safe. We offer that feeling of comfort and we will fix or replace your items (within our policy limits of course).

2. Ask us if we provide boxes and packing supplies. We do! And they are not just any boxes you get a local groceries or liquor store. We have specialty wardrobe boxes and dish boxes. We also have great wrapping paper so you don’t have to wrap your china in old newspapers and have imprints on ink later. We even have blankets and stretch wrap for your antique furniture and new items as well.

3. Ask us if we help you pack. You can definitely take your time packing everything in boxes, separating the clothes to donate and get rid of broken appliances you are not planning on taking with you to the new location. But what if you don’t have a lot of time, or it’s an emergency situation? We can help you and take that stress off your shoulders!

4. Ask us if we charge hourly rate. Not only we can tell you our hourly rates for various locations, but we can even provide a free estimate on the phone or on location. You know how much stuff you need to get moved. We know how much of it will fit in a 26-foot truck and how many people we would need to complete the move so it saves you time and money.

5. Ask us if we move specialty items, like gun safes and pianos. Especially if you have them! Those take extra time and possibly extra people to move safely. We will of course ask you that when you call us, but you are welcome to ask us if it slips our mind.

6. Ask us how big the trucks we have. If you have moved before and it was a couple of years back, you might have more (or less) furniture and your personal belongings to move. We do complimentary estimates over the phone and in some cases we can even come out to your house, so that later you are not stuck with a full truck and things left over in your house.

In fact, let us know as much information as possible when you call and we will do our best to accommodate your special requests. Call us at our office 850.785.2222 to address these questions or check out our website for a more informed move!

Movers Team of the Month – March 2017

Great movers are professional, courteous, and know what they are doing! They use THE GRANDMA RULE® with every move and always get awesome reviews.
Great job guys, and here is a review from one of our customers…
“Our movers were fantastic. After a long day, and facing a set of stairs for their last move, they maintained an excellent attitude and took exceptional care of our stuff. Would love to have these guys again for our next move!” – Jason W.
“Your team arrived exactly on time, met me at the end destination, carefully unloaded the goods and were polite and efficient.” – Fran B.
“This is the 4th time I’ve used your services and every time has been a fantastic experience!! Thank you for always being so reliable and always having a fantastic staff!” – Julie B.
Congratulations to the Movers Team of the Month at Panama City, FL location –
Joshua Koenig and Trent Cooley!