How to Move with Kids: Helpful and Easy Tips

Moving can be a stressful time for everybody, especially children. To make it a little easier and more enjoyable consider these tips.

Say proper goodbye to the old home. Take lots of pictures of your whole family at your old home, have a party to celebrate all the good times you had there. Make sure you involve children into all the discussions about the move and the new house, and listen to their suggestions. They will feel more comfortable during this transition.

When packing, first, let them donate some things they are ready to say goodbye to, and then, give them their own boxes to pack. That way children will be occupied and feel dedicated with their own task. An activity kit with coloring pages, crayons, some puzzles and toys will keep kids occupied, so put together a plastic container with a lid. You can print this Highlights Moving Day activity sheet from Two Men and a Truck.

Get the kids excited about the move into the new place. Anxiety about going to a new school, making new friends, living in a new house can be eased for children with a little planning.

Plan their new room and how you will decorate it together. Take time to explore the area and find a playground or a park, local restaurants and indoor activities that kids can get involved in.

Meet your neighbors and see if they have kids the same age. Building new friendships will help them transition to their new home with less stress.

Hiring the knowledgeable movers who are licensed and insured also can help make your move a breeze. Call us ahead of time and we can find the best crew for local or interstate moving 850.785.2222.


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