Tips for Moving to College

In less than a month some students will be moving away to college. Hopefully, all the registration fees have been paid and fall classes are registered for. Trust us, you don’t want to wait till the last minute to register for classes or book your move! At Two Men and a Truck® we recommend booking your college move at least 4-6 weeks ahead of time, or sooner if possible.

Here are some more tips for your moving day and after the move:
Know your living arrangements. Whether you are moving into a dorm room with a roommate or into a student apartment, try to find out as many details about your new place as possible. This will be helpful while planning how much stuff you need to take with you, and whether your furniture would fit.

Research your moving company. Not all of them are licensed, bonded, and insured. Every franchise and every location of Two Men and a Truck® is offering you piece of mind and security during your local or long-distance moves. Also, make sure to find out what the movers can and cannot move, heavy or bulky items, and sports equipment.

Check stores for college necessities. Most stores offer special college student discounts and deals on lots of college dorm items like furniture, decor, bath and desk supplies, and even storage and organization. Some retailers offer convenient planning lists, so you don’t forget anything. 

Pack light. If you are moving yourself, consider the distance you would have to walk with the boxes and the size and weight of the boxes. Find out if your college campus would allow you to pull up the car closer to the dorm building or if there is a schedule for unloading. Don’t pack your boxes too much, so they don’t collapse at the bottom. Two Men and a Truck® movers usually use special moving equipment to transport boxes, furniture, and appliances. If you know you won’t be able to get help from your family or friends, consider hiring professional movers.

Pack a First Day Box or Day of the Move Box. Moving to college can be stressful and exciting at the same time. However, having little time to settle in before your classes start might add anxiety to your move. Avoid this opportunity to stress out more and pack a special box with all your immediate supplies. Check out our list of 30 things for your Day of the Move Box for ideas.

Mark your boxes. Before you pack, make sure you collect all the necessary supplies, like boxes, tape, scissors, permanent marker, sticky notes. The last will help you identify your boxes if they should stand there for a couple of days. It may be helpful to write what items you have inside or at least what area the box belongs to.

Load wisely. Always remember that the most important stuff need to go last on the truck. Moving to college is a wonderful time to downsize and get rid of some childhood memories, clothes, trophies or toys. If you want to hold on to some of them, ask your parents if you can keep it at their house. Alternatively, you can move it to the storage. If you are moving in just your car, without furniture, place heavier boxes, like the ones with books, on the bottom, and lamps and blankets can go on top.

The most important thing to remember is you are not alone. At Two Men and a Truck® we help move people forward. Moving to college is a huge step forward, it means you get to taste the responsibility, spread your wings, and discover new heights. Your family, friend, and trusted professionals are here to help you! Call us today at 850.785.2222 if you have any questions or if you would like to request a free quote or book a move.


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