Moving During the Holiday Season

We can almost hear the Christmas bells ringing, we can almost smell the Thanksgiving turkey, and we can almost see the beautiful decor inside and outside of our homes, all ready for the holiday season! It’s upon us. The stores switched their displays and some people have already gotten their decor from the attic. However, if you know you will be moving this holiday season, you might think twice about unpacking before you start packing. Moving is stressful, especially during the winter months of festivities.

Postpone the Move

Best decision would be to postpone the move after the holidays. You can not only enjoy having time with friends and family, but have the last memorable event at your house. Besides, there are still Christmas parties to attend, taking kids to see the parade, and go shopping for presents. Another reason to consider a later move, during the holidays staff and movers may be unavailable and the rates are normally higher for the moving companies. So why not save some money and plan your move for after the celebrations?

Have a Strategy

Making sure you have all the packing materials, boxes, tape, bubble wrap ready is very important. Make sure you schedule your move ahead of time, at least 4 weeks or longer. And then start packing. Don’t wait till the last minute, unless you are planning on having your movers pack everything. If you have to move during the holidays, unpack and decorate your new place as soon as possible. This will help you create celebratory and warm atmosphere. With a simple moving plan, you can relax and enjoy gift-giving under a Christmas tree in your new in no time (or Christmas palm tree if you are moving to Florida!).

Downsize and Give back

Moving as you know is a perfect opportunity to downsize and cut down on things that you don’t use often. While going through your decorations, put aside the items you can live without. Many shelters and thrift stores will appreciate a little of holiday joy. Not only you cut down your future time on packing, but you help your community celebrate the holidays. Same goes to non-perishable food that will take space on a truck. Many local charities here in Panama City organize food drives around Thanksgiving, so you can help by dropping off some canned food.

Whatever your holiday plan is and whether it includes relocating to a new home, Two Men and a Truck® Panama City can help. We provide all the necessary moving boxes and packing supplies, we can stop by for a quick free estimate, and we’ll be there on your moving day ready to spread the holiday cheer and carry it into your new home!


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