Holiday Wreath out of Two Men and a Truck Box

If you are still decorating your home for the holidays and love DIY wreaths, here is a quick and affordable crafty tutorial.

For this wreath you will need a square box (you probably still have some boxes left from your last move). Place a large lid or something in perfect circle on the cardboard box and mark it. Then, simply using a box cutter or scissors, cut out a large round and then using a smaller lid or a plate cut the center, so you have a wreath. For thickness here we used two sides of the cardboard box.

Next step is to glue both circles together and wrap them with wide burlap ribbon like so…

For your next step, you will need a variety of Christmas tree ornaments. In this example we used golden-colored balls different sizes and some with added sparkle. You simply glue them one by one with a hot glue gun onto the burlap wreath and then add and fill it in as much as you want.

For the final step, you just need to find a perfect location, like your front door, or window, or even inside of your home or office. This will add a festive mood even inside! Happy Holidays!


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