Start Your Year Without Clutter: 5 areas of your Home to Organize in January

At the end of the year we usually finish the things that we started earlier, tighten up everything at work, maybe even give back old debts. Many cultures have the end of year traditions. For example in Japan, there is an annual ritual called oosouji. It’s usually observed at the end of the year and besides cleaning and organizing their homes, people also donate things. It’s a great tradition that clears the physical space they live in and also clears the old emotions.
Even though its already January, it’s never too late to reflect of the events and happenings of the past year, and also evaluate what you can leave and not bring with you into the new year. You can start your year off right and declutter for a more organized life. We recommend going through your belongings one area of your home at a time.

  1. Closets. Start off with your closet. It’s the space that is behind a door that you can shut, but the mess and disorganization will still be there, in the back of your mind. Donate old, ripped, ill-fitting clothes. Think of it as something that served its purpose already and the energy of it won’t benefit you anymore. You can put away out of season wardrobe and seal it into air tight bags. This can save space in the attic and clear some space for your existing items.
  2. Kitchen. Kitchens are not only for cooking anymore. This is the space where people hang out, entertain guests, create delicious masterpieces with their loved ones. You want this space to be organized and inviting. Having things handy can save time we spend in the kitchen, so you need to know the basic zones of the kitchen space (refrigerator, range, sink). It’s more efficient if you can group items related to that area within close proximity (i.e. some counter space to unload groceries into the fridge, or trashcan close by the sink, pots and pans close to the stove or range).
  3. Bedroom. There is one area in the house where you can relax and unwind. It is your bedroom. Lots of times our bedrooms are doubled as an entertainment center (TVs produce what is known as “blue light” that interferes with our sleep cycle and we are wondering why we have hard time getting up in the morning!), or we are using it as a work station, with lots of paperwork and bills to pay. A computer or laptop in the bedroom ruins the relaxation vibe and makes it another place you do work. Clear out the clutter moving TV and your work station to the living room area and create that sanctuary for you to recharge and renew.
  4. Outside space/patio. Just like the bedroom, the patio is more of a relaxation space in your home, and sometimes it’s an entertainment space where you can invite your friends and family. Having an organized patio does bring you peace of mind. Gardening tools and other supplies can be organized and cleared out. A lot of times some garden equipment can be rented instead of bought. You not only save space that way, but the maintenance can be pricey as well.
  5. Garage. How many times have you seen houses with a two-car-garage and both of the cars parked outside? After moving into the new house quite often people store things in their garage until they find a spot for it. Well, it’s time to clear out the garage and start parking your cars there. In addition, you can create a work station and store bikes, sports equipment and tools on the walls. Check our some ideas from HGTV. Rule of thumb – if you have not used something in 6 months, you might as well sell/donate/throw it away.



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