15 Foolproof Tips to Get Organized for the New School Year

Summer is almost over. We might still feel the sun light from the hot days of our vacation on our faces and hear the waves that brought us such a joy this summer. But it’s time to get back into the routines. We gathered some foolproof tips to get organized for this upcoming school year. Hopefully, they will help you get your family on a smooth start.

  1. Organize a special space in your home where kids can do their homework. Easy homework-stationhomework stations can be put together with the help of a couple of mason jars, labels, paper clips, a ruler, pens, pencils, scissors, and organized on a tray.
  2. Do some research and find best deals for school supplies. Coordinate with other parents and split the bill when buying in bulk.
  3. Prepare the snacks for afterschool and organize them in plastic bins in your pantry or a deep drawer in the kitchen cabinets. Make sure it’s accessible to kids of all ages.87e579185e5616eab6577a0c38e32547
  4. Plan your route to school and work. Check for new road construction in the area and make sure find the detour if you have to. Call school and get the new bus school schedule if your children ride the bus.
  5. Update all the school records, insurance information, physicals, and of course make sure your new address is on all the records if you moved recently.
  6. Moving to college is a defining point in lives of teenagers and parents alike. Organized and comforting dorm room can help students adjust better and concentrate of their college studies and experiences. Check this article for ideas on how to organize the small dorm room.cc981febd50a778a7c54809d19a4a99b
  7. Organized closet with save not only time in the morning but also the frustration for you and your whole family. Place laundry bins close by, so that dirty clothes does not end up on the floor. This is a great time to go through and organize your clothes by color and switch to the fall season.
  8. To keep track of all the school activities and parent teacher conferences you need a good organizer. Check these organizational systems for peace of mind.
  9. To make sure your kids have everything for their after school athletics, you can create some room in your car trunk to keep it together. See what kind of options you have for trunk storage for your car model.
  10. For larger families with several kids school age, you can create a backpack wall where your children can keep backpacks off the floor and stay organized with bins for homework.
  11. Starting a new grade can be emotionally challenging for children, new friends, new teachers, maybe even a new school. To make this time for predictable and reduce anxiety, get into the familiar morning routine with a check list. Brushing teeth and having breakfast is as important as making sure all the homework is in the backpack. Print one out, put in in the glass picture frame and let them check off items with a dry erase marker.
  12. Packed lunches are always better, than something kids can chose at school. Become a lunch packing pro with these great ideas! Kids will love your encouraging notes for a personal touch.
  13. Organizing your backyard and preparing the outside area in front of the house is also important. If your kids ride bikes to school, make sure they are properly oiled and cleaned after summer. Proper bike storage and a clear path for the busy mornings can make a morning routine mentioned above go much smoother. Call your local Two Men and a Truck® if you need any patio furniture or hot tubs moved out of the way.   Picnnic with people
  14. Have end of summer celebration with the whole family! One last summer picnic or trip to the beach will allow you to say goodbye to summer and all the memories you made this year and emotionally prepare you for a new chapter. It does not have to be big, but it can also become a family tradition your children will remember.
  15. Get a good night sleep before the first day of school. You probably know a lot about the importance of the good night sleep, however, for the important and heavy task loaded days like first day of school, of an important meeting, it’s especially important. You will feel much more satisfied and reduce your stress levels.

What organizational ideas do you have in your family? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Also, if you have an upcoming move ahead of you, please give us a call or email info0284@twomen.com for a free estimate!



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