Movers For Moms®️ Feature: Taryn’s Story, Bethel Village

Moving people forward in their lives takes some time and sometimes a whole community. For moms in Bethel Village this community support means a lot! As part of our Movers For Moms®️ program that every year collects donations to help women in shelters nationwide find their way to recovery from addiction.

Taryn grew up in a divorced home, unable to receive the support she so desperately needed. “Searching for love, attention, people-pleasing in all the wrong places made me lose everything I thought I was,” Taryn said. She started a downward spiral, crying to someone, anyone who would listen. A chain of events led Taryn to arrest and a seven-month stay in jail. “Those seven months, I didn’t put my Bible down,” Taryn said. “I began to find out who I was. I forgave others, forgave myself.” Taryn came to Bethel to rehabilitate and start anew. Now, with more than a year sober, she has her children and their love, with God as the focal point in her life.

“I give all the glory to God. I know my self-worth. I know my identity in Christ.” – Taryn

Your continued support of Bethel Village and Panama City Rescue Mission helps people in our community regain sobriety. Women like Taryn reclaim their lives, thanks to you.

To locate the list of needed items, please visit our website’s Community Service page.


Movers For Moms®️ Feature: Jessica’s Story, Bethel Village

Every day we can do something to help one another. The smallest thing can brighten someone’s day and help them to succeed. Stories of courageous women of Bethel Village who fight their addiction every day and help each other get on the right path.

Jessica spent most of her life in addiction. Her parents both smoked marijuana, setting the example for drug and alcohol addiction as the norm. When Jessica was 12, her parents divorced. Her dad went into recovery, but her mother still struggled with addiction. Through this, Jessica was always close to her mother. “My mom was amazing, warm-hearted, and always worked and took care of us,” Jessica said. After the divorce, Jessica struggled with stability. Her mother passed years later and she lost a baby. Jessica felt lost and turned to the wrong crowd and the wrong comfort. She, her husband, and two daughters moved to Panama City for a fresh start. Jessica continued to battle addiction. She’d heard of Bethel Village and decided to research them. She contacted Bethel and began detox the next day. “I was an atheist and never believed,” Jessica said. “Bethel encouraged me to pray and ask God to reveal himself… and he did.”
Your continued support keeps Bethel Village doing the Lord’s work for people like Jessica, who need our help to guide her back to the path God intends for her.

“The Lord led me to Panama City to find Bethel.” – Jessica

Through our annual program Movers For Moms®️ you can make a difference in lives of women just like Jessica and Rachel, whose story we shared last week. We collect donations of essential care items that mean so much to moms at Panama City Rescue Mission in their recovery process. For list of items needed and locations, please contact us at 850.785.2222 or go to our website.

Movers For Moms®️ Feature: Rachel’s Story, Bethel Village

Rachel_Bethel Village

Sometimes we get lost and need help to get back on the right path. Bethel Village does just that. For Rachel this was an opportunity to restore and find God.

Rachel grew up in a military family. She played a variety of sports and her dad coached. She had a normal childhood… until her mom left when she was just 10 years old. This started a chain of events that led Rachel down a path of drugs and trouble. At the age of 14, she met her first boyfriend and was pregnant by 15. Rachel had an abortion with the encouragement of her family and boyfriend. Her family moved in with her new stepmom. Rachel resented her mother for leaving and took it out on her family. She turned to the wrong crowd and, through peer pressure, began using drugs and alcohol. Rachel was arrested four times on theft and drug charges and convicted thus being labeled a felon. While in jail, Rachel met women from Bethel and heard their stories. She petitioned the court to go to Bethel to get her life together. “God is going to bring me to where I need to be,” Rachel said. She has two children who their dads care for while she begins a new path through Bethel Village to sobriety and God. “He’s going to restore my family.”

“As long as I walk in obedience, God will bless me.” – Rachel

Just like in Kayla’s story we shared last week, Panama City Rescue Mission is doing the Lord’s work for people like Rachel, who need our help to guide her back to the path God intends for her.

The goal of our annual program Movers For Moms®️ is to collect essential care items (toiletries, beauty products, hair and body care, vitamins, etc.) to help moms like Rachel. We have 18 locations in Panama City and Panama City Beach where you can find the donation boxes. Make your mother proud and donate today!


Movers For Moms®️ Feature: Kayla’s Story, Bethel Village

Continuing on with our success stories of Bethel Village graduates and following Janet’s story, we have this young lady who had a rough path, but eventually she discovered Panama City Rescue Mission Women’s recovery program.

“I’m learning so much about the Bible and myself. Bethel Village changed my life.” – Kayla

Kayla lived in Indiana until her parents divorced when she was 18. Her mom relocated to the Florida Keys. Kayla moved with her and loved it, stating it “felt like paradise.” She became involved in an unhealthy relationship that ended badly. With no friends, Kayla felt alone and lost. She began partying and going to bars, finding trouble along the way. She received a DUI and probation but continued to be blessed with second chances. However, Kayla felt miserable without purpose. She began dating a drug dealer and it wasn’t long before she was hooked on cocaine. Arrested for a third time, she was facing multiple felonies and prison time. With promise of a reduced sentence, Kayla began searching for a year long recovery program. She found Bethel. After six months in jail, she began her journey to renewed faith and purpose. “Jail really humbled me,” Kayla said. “I’m learning so much at Bethel.” She has a transformed relationship with her parents and new-found respect for herself. She hopes to go into addiction counseling upon graduation from Bethel’s recovery program.

Panama City Rescue Mission changes lives thanks to your support of our neighbors in need. People like Kayla need our community care. Your continued generosity rescues men and women and restores their lives.

Movers For Moms®️ program is collecting basic care items for moms in need. Then, we deliver the donations to the local women’s shelter for Mother’s Day. If you would like to partner with us and collect donations at your organization or office, please contact us for the donation box to be dropped off.

Movers For Moms®️ Feature: Janet’s Story, Bethel Village

As part of our annual Movers For Moms®️ program, we would like to feature the success stories of the women who has graduated from the local women’s shelter. These stories have been shared with us by Panama City Rescue Mission. We want you to see how much these incredible women been through and have grown in their spirit. Movers For Moms®️ has been created to help moms and women in shelters by collecting care items and bringing the donations to them on Mother’s Day. We have boxes set up at our office and many locations around town to collect donations. Please see our website for the list of items  and community partners at

Janet’s parents were missionaries. Hearing about Jesus’ love and forgiveness daily, Janet became a devout follower of Christ early in her life. At 48, Janet’s life took an unexpected turn. She lost her career and marriage while her daughter was struck with a devastating illness. “I was not prepared. When tragedy hit, I crumbled,” Janet said. She became so angry with God that she came close to renouncing her faith. For four years, she didn’t open her Bible or pray. During that time, a friend recommended a glass of wine to relax and help her sleep. “Tranquility was almost instant. Within a week, the glass turned into a full bottle and after that it didn’t take long to realize I was in trouble. “I really despaired whether God would use me again because I’d fallen so far,” Janet said. “One night, I cried out to God and gave Him back complete control of my life. I looked for a place where restoration could begin, and God allowed me the privilege of walking through the doors of Bethel. I want to tell you that no matter how far you have turned away, He will always take you back, and restore more than you can imagine …

“Through Bethel Village, I found the face of God again, and now my ministry is extended so much further than I ever imagined. He completely redeemed me. Even for Christians who’ve stepped away from the Lord, he’s always waiting for us.” – Janet

Your prayers and support keep Bethel Village’s doors open for people like Janet, who need love and support to get back on their feet.

Moving During the Holiday Season

We can almost hear the Christmas bells ringing, we can almost smell the Thanksgiving turkey, and we can almost see the beautiful decor inside and outside of our homes, all ready for the holiday season! It’s upon us. The stores switched their displays and some people have already gotten their decor from the attic. However, if you know you will be moving this holiday season, you might think twice about unpacking before you start packing. Moving is stressful, especially during the winter months of festivities.

Postpone the Move

Best decision would be to postpone the move after the holidays. You can not only enjoy having time with friends and family, but have the last memorable event at your house. Besides, there are still Christmas parties to attend, taking kids to see the parade, and go shopping for presents. Another reason to consider a later move, during the holidays staff and movers may be unavailable and the rates are normally higher for the moving companies. So why not save some money and plan your move for after the celebrations?

Have a Strategy

Making sure you have all the packing materials, boxes, tape, bubble wrap ready is very important. Make sure you schedule your move ahead of time, at least 4 weeks or longer. And then start packing. Don’t wait till the last minute, unless you are planning on having your movers pack everything. If you have to move during the holidays, unpack and decorate your new place as soon as possible. This will help you create celebratory and warm atmosphere. With a simple moving plan, you can relax and enjoy gift-giving under a Christmas tree in your new in no time (or Christmas palm tree if you are moving to Florida!).

Downsize and Give back

Moving as you know is a perfect opportunity to downsize and cut down on things that you don’t use often. While going through your decorations, put aside the items you can live without. Many shelters and thrift stores will appreciate a little of holiday joy. Not only you cut down your future time on packing, but you help your community celebrate the holidays. Same goes to non-perishable food that will take space on a truck. Many local charities here in Panama City organize food drives around Thanksgiving, so you can help by dropping off some canned food.

Whatever your holiday plan is and whether it includes relocating to a new home, Two Men and a Truck® Panama City can help. We provide all the necessary moving boxes and packing supplies, we can stop by for a quick free estimate, and we’ll be there on your moving day ready to spread the holiday cheer and carry it into your new home!

Helping Seniors Move Forward

Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® we understand how difficult it can be to endure changes and start over at the new place. It’s even more difficult for our parents and grandparents. Leaving the comfort of your home that you’ve lived in for 30-40 years can me emotionally challenging. That is why we specially train our employees to handle senior moves and make the moving experience as easy as possible.

No matter how far their move will be, it takes kindness, patience, and understanding of any special circumstances during the move. Just think about it, they don’t just move from a home that they lived for a long time, it’s the memories they have to leave behind, sentimental gifts they have at the house, pictures, furniture they’ve chosen together, and all the great times the family had at the house. We send our best crews to assist with the moves, movers who can not necessarily move things fast, but the ones who can explain and walk the customers through the process for better understanding and emotional comfort.

Besides moving heavy furniture and carrying it to the truck we also provide, we can help with packing. In some cases, elderly people are not able to reach certain places, or their grip is not as strong anymore to hold things. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® will provide packing boxes, wrapping paper, tape, and bubble wrap if needed to pack their valuable collection of ornate plates into as many boxes as needed. The movers also can help you sort through the items and put things aside to go to the storage. Most of the time when seniors move they have to downsize. Our movers will listen to your concerns and help you through this emotional time.

Great listening skills are important when moving seniors into a new place. During the planning process, it’s helpful to look into the new layout, so you know where the furniture will go and if it would fit. Once the movers bring it inside, you can direct them to the right spot. If the layout is somewhat similar to the layout at the old house, it’s much easier for elderly to navigate it.

Moving their whole life into a different home can take a toll on senior citizens. Our goal is to make the move stress-free and the transition to the new house smooth. Just give us a call at (850) 875-2222 and we can come out for a free at-home estimate.

Tips for Moving to College

In less than a month some students will be moving away to college. Hopefully, all the registration fees have been paid and fall classes are registered for. Trust us, you don’t want to wait till the last minute to register for classes or book your move! At Two Men and a Truck® we recommend booking your college move at least 4-6 weeks ahead of time, or sooner if possible.

Here are some more tips for your moving day and after the move:
Know your living arrangements. Whether you are moving into a dorm room with a roommate or into a student apartment, try to find out as many details about your new place as possible. This will be helpful while planning how much stuff you need to take with you, and whether your furniture would fit.

Research your moving company. Not all of them are licensed, bonded, and insured. Every franchise and every location of Two Men and a Truck® is offering you piece of mind and security during your local or long-distance moves. Also, make sure to find out what the movers can and cannot move, heavy or bulky items, and sports equipment.

Check stores for college necessities. Most stores offer special college student discounts and deals on lots of college dorm items like furniture, decor, bath and desk supplies, and even storage and organization. Some retailers offer convenient planning lists, so you don’t forget anything. 

Pack light. If you are moving yourself, consider the distance you would have to walk with the boxes and the size and weight of the boxes. Find out if your college campus would allow you to pull up the car closer to the dorm building or if there is a schedule for unloading. Don’t pack your boxes too much, so they don’t collapse at the bottom. Two Men and a Truck® movers usually use special moving equipment to transport boxes, furniture, and appliances. If you know you won’t be able to get help from your family or friends, consider hiring professional movers.

Pack a First Day Box or Day of the Move Box. Moving to college can be stressful and exciting at the same time. However, having little time to settle in before your classes start might add anxiety to your move. Avoid this opportunity to stress out more and pack a special box with all your immediate supplies. Check out our list of 30 things for your Day of the Move Box for ideas.

Mark your boxes. Before you pack, make sure you collect all the necessary supplies, like boxes, tape, scissors, permanent marker, sticky notes. The last will help you identify your boxes if they should stand there for a couple of days. It may be helpful to write what items you have inside or at least what area the box belongs to.

Load wisely. Always remember that the most important stuff need to go last on the truck. Moving to college is a wonderful time to downsize and get rid of some childhood memories, clothes, trophies or toys. If you want to hold on to some of them, ask your parents if you can keep it at their house. Alternatively, you can move it to the storage. If you are moving in just your car, without furniture, place heavier boxes, like the ones with books, on the bottom, and lamps and blankets can go on top.

The most important thing to remember is you are not alone. At Two Men and a Truck® we help move people forward. Moving to college is a huge step forward, it means you get to taste the responsibility, spread your wings, and discover new heights. Your family, friend, and trusted professionals are here to help you! Call us today at 850.785.2222 if you have any questions or if you would like to request a free quote or book a move.

2016 Safe Driver Awards

Every year TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® recognizes the drivers who exemplify the company’s core values through ongoing concern for the safety of company vehicles, co-workers, and the public. Though everyone in the company follows the necessary safety procedures when operating a truck and transporting our customers belongings, several drivers are being recognized for going an extra mile. As a token of appreciation for a great job done they drivers are awarded a certificate and a custom made Safe Driver T-shirt.

We are happy to announce that two of our own drivers were awarded the 2016 Safe Driver Award. We congratulate Alex Lebar and Brian Brown! Both of them have earned Movers of the Month at our Panama City, FL location previously.

We are so proud of you, Alex and Brian! Well done.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is Florida’s top destination for low-cost beach vacations and weekend getaways. The white sands, great seafood, and tourist attractions bring thousands each year from March until August. We’ve been a vacation town for decades but more and more people want to live the beach life all year long. So what’s the big fuss over Panama City in 2016, as opposed to previous years?

New industries are growing, new neighborhoods are popping up, and the family atmosphere encourages people to make Panama City their home. Tourism is still popular over the spring and summer months, but we have plenty of other attractions that draw people in to stay. If you’ve lived here all your life, it can be easy to see why Panama City is a great place to be. Family life, work life, social life – all wrapped up in one beach town.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® loves everything about Panama City Beach. That’s why franchisee Sean Wise decided to set up shop here and run his other franchises along with this local one. He chose this place to raise a family and be surrounded by beautiful beaches all year. Aside from the gorgeous landscape, here’s ten reasons why Panama City Beach is a perfect place to raise a family:

  1. Growing industries. Panama City has emerging technology and engineering industries, with the emergence of several startup companies and expansion of our Navy Base. New companies relocate here all the time, bringing in new jobs for our local economy. Panama City Beach is a great place to start a business!
  2. Great post-secondary schools. We have several accredited post-secondary schools in the area. Florida State University and Gulf Coast State College offer four-year and two-year transfer degrees. Others are Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Troy University. Haney Technical College offers certifications and training courses for various trades, and places all its graduates with internships and positions within their field. Each offers unique scholarships, especially for returning or adult students. Finish your classes, then head to the beach to relax!
  3. 24 hour Beach access. There’s over 100 access points along the Gulf beaches. In town, you can also find boat ramps and small parks that overlook St. Andrew’s Bay. People come here from all over the U.S. to see the water and enjoy the mild seasons. As a local, you can enjoy these luxuries all day, everyday.
  4. Family-friendly atmosphere. Panama City has schools, family theme parks, movie theaters, and other kids’ activities to enjoy. Children enjoy places like Zoo World, Gulf World, Frank Brown Park, and the Panama City Mall. When you first move to Panama City, take time to explore the area. We have many large attractions, but some of the best places to go are the smaller recreational parks scattered throughout.
  5. Best local seafood. Every local seafood restaurant in town gets their fish, shrimp, scallops, and oysters right from the offshore Gulf Waters. You can watch the boats unload snapper and grouper daily from the Capt. Anderson’s, St. Andrew’s and Downtown Marina. Greg Abram’s Seafood is one of the largest seafood exporters in America, and has its headquarters in Panama City.
  6. Music Matters. In Downtown Panama City, you can find music venues on almost every street corner. bars and restaurants feature both travelling and local musicians. Our Marina Civic Center hosts concerts from regional tours. This summer the Civic Center will have the Backstage Pass concert series and Three Dog Night on tour.
  7. Pier Park Shopping Center. Locals love to travel to Pier Park for night out with family and friends. The eclectic shopping mall has food and drink, entertainment, and all the top retailers. You can shop at four different plazas, visit the Grande Theater, then browse among the nineteen different restaurants throughout the night. Its a great place to be both night and day!
  8. Fishing, camping, hiking, and water sports. Of course as a beach town, we have plenty of different water recreations to try. You can book a fishing charter, go camping or hiking at St. Andrew’s State Park, or try a kayak, canoe, or paddle board rental. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry! Guides can teach you how to get on the water and have a great time.
  9. Farmer’s Markets. Panama City has farmer’s markets in Capt. Anderson’s Marina, St. Andrew’s, Lynn Haven, Seaside, Rosemary Beach, and even an online farmer’s market. Buy fresh and local produce from farmers in the area. Some of the best eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash are grown from the Florida Panhandle.
  10. Long-lasting economic development. Panama City Beach is always growing and adding new things to do in the area. The job market is always growing and drawing in new people to move here. And long-lasting businesses like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® make it possible for locals to stay here, grow their families and advance their careers.

We think it’s a great place to be for all these reasons and more. If you’re looking to move to Panama City soon, contact TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for a moving estimate. We are the largest moving franchise in the U.S., with  over 340 locations internationally.