Moving with Kids and Pets

Moving is not just relocating from one dwelling to another, one house to a different bigger house, an apartment in the city to a small cottage in the countryside. It’s planning, scheduling, packing, moving, and everything in between.

It’s even more confusing for a family with kids and pets! Here are some of the concerns we hear often:

“Do we lock out dogs outside in the yard while the movers are here?” 

“Are kids ok running around and playing while our furniture gets loaded?”

“How can we make the move less stressful on kids?”

These are all real concerns during moving. The best advice we can share with you is that it’s best to not keep your kids and pets locked away, but maybe occupied. Making it through the moving day gets easier if you have some activities planned. Keep some games and toys out of the packing boxes for your children and then bring them to the new place. Of course if the weather allows you can certainly send kids to play outside if they are old enough.

When the movers are loading heavy furniture or appliances, as a safety precaution, you need to make sure your furry friends are not in the way. You can keep them in a kennel or close to you. Same goes for your children, especially if they are curious or “trying to help”. Just watch them and explain that it can be dangerous if something falls.

Getting kids excited about the move and the new house can help ease the stress of moving. Show them the pictures or videos of the new house, or better yet, take them there. They will love being part of the planning process, especially when they get to pick the design of their new rooms! After the move, explore the neighborhood and take your dog for a walk in a nearby park together. This will help your pet get familiar with the surroundings as well.

So once all the planning is done and your moving day is here, some of the stress is lifted. As far as the rest, just call the professional movers and let them take care of it. Summer is usually the busiest time for us here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®️, so if you need help moving, call ahead of time and get it scheduled. We are bonded and insured.


Cleaning Out for Spring

Clean and organized space allows us to function more efficiently and find things we need easier. The best time to clean out your closets, pantry, and garage is of course spring!

From our experience, it’s much easier and less overwhelming to move into a new place with less stuff, so make sure you do the “spring” cleaning before your move as well. Some declutter specialists advise to focus on one area or room at a time. So you can start in the kitchen with the pantry and then move on to the bedroom closet, or your laundry area. Just make sure you finish one area before you move on to the other.

If you have lots of items that are still in great condition, but you know you will not use them, like clothes, you can donate them or re-sell them using different apps (Posh, Let Go, etc.).

Cleaning surfaces, grills, shower heads, sidewalks and even walls will refresh the look of your house and make you feel like you just moved there! Maybe consider even painting and retouching some items, bringing new colors and shades for spring.

Overtime items at your home need deep cleaning. However, you don’t need to hire professionals for this and can easily utilize natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice to clean grime and oil. Many other places require attention at this time as well, so you can alternate between organizing and deep cleaning.

Move out and haul furniture from your garage and debris from your yard that have been sitting there over winter months. Your curb appeal will be pleasing to the eye every time you come home from work!

The most important part to remember is that it does not have to happen overnight. Take your time, so that the whole process does not overwhelm you to the point of giving up. If you do need help with hauling away heavier items, let us know and we can send our two men with a 26″ truck.

Movers For Moms®️ Feature: Taryn’s Story, Bethel Village

Moving people forward in their lives takes some time and sometimes a whole community. For moms in Bethel Village this community support means a lot! As part of our Movers For Moms®️ program that every year collects donations to help women in shelters nationwide find their way to recovery from addiction.

Taryn grew up in a divorced home, unable to receive the support she so desperately needed. “Searching for love, attention, people-pleasing in all the wrong places made me lose everything I thought I was,” Taryn said. She started a downward spiral, crying to someone, anyone who would listen. A chain of events led Taryn to arrest and a seven-month stay in jail. “Those seven months, I didn’t put my Bible down,” Taryn said. “I began to find out who I was. I forgave others, forgave myself.” Taryn came to Bethel to rehabilitate and start anew. Now, with more than a year sober, she has her children and their love, with God as the focal point in her life.

“I give all the glory to God. I know my self-worth. I know my identity in Christ.” – Taryn

Your continued support of Bethel Village and Panama City Rescue Mission helps people in our community regain sobriety. Women like Taryn reclaim their lives, thanks to you.

To locate the list of needed items, please visit our website’s Community Service page.

Movers For Moms®️ Feature: Jessica’s Story, Bethel Village

Every day we can do something to help one another. The smallest thing can brighten someone’s day and help them to succeed. Stories of courageous women of Bethel Village who fight their addiction every day and help each other get on the right path.

Jessica spent most of her life in addiction. Her parents both smoked marijuana, setting the example for drug and alcohol addiction as the norm. When Jessica was 12, her parents divorced. Her dad went into recovery, but her mother still struggled with addiction. Through this, Jessica was always close to her mother. “My mom was amazing, warm-hearted, and always worked and took care of us,” Jessica said. After the divorce, Jessica struggled with stability. Her mother passed years later and she lost a baby. Jessica felt lost and turned to the wrong crowd and the wrong comfort. She, her husband, and two daughters moved to Panama City for a fresh start. Jessica continued to battle addiction. She’d heard of Bethel Village and decided to research them. She contacted Bethel and began detox the next day. “I was an atheist and never believed,” Jessica said. “Bethel encouraged me to pray and ask God to reveal himself… and he did.”
Your continued support keeps Bethel Village doing the Lord’s work for people like Jessica, who need our help to guide her back to the path God intends for her.

“The Lord led me to Panama City to find Bethel.” – Jessica

Through our annual program Movers For Moms®️ you can make a difference in lives of women just like Jessica and Rachel, whose story we shared last week. We collect donations of essential care items that mean so much to moms at Panama City Rescue Mission in their recovery process. For list of items needed and locations, please contact us at 850.785.2222 or go to our website.

Things to Know Before You Start Moving

Moving a stressful. It takes preparation and some planning. Budgeting can also be essential to reduce stress after the move. Here we highlight some things that could be helpful to know before you start packing, taping, and hauling stuff away.

  1. Know how much stuff you actually have. This will help you decide if you need a bigger truck or just a trailer. This is the time to walk around and sort through your possessions. Some stuff can be donated, some of it can be gifted. Are you taking your washer and dryer with you to the new location? If not, that can really save space on the moving truck. Also, figure out if you have any heavy furniture or specialty items that you are planning to take with you. Decide if you need to hire movers or just rent a truck and do it yourself. If you do decide tp hire movers, call for quotes and availability of your specific move date. Clearing out stuff for donations before you start packing the rest of it in moving boxes, can also reduce the stress and that daunting feeling that you have “too much to do”. Alternatively, ask your moving company about packing services. Here at Two Men and a Truck® we provide this as a special service, where our professional movers come out and bring all the packing supplies, so you won’t have to scavenge for boxes at the liquor store.
  2. Know the size of your new place. Are you downsizing? Or do you have a large kitchen/dining/family room space at your new home with the open floor plan? Does your new home have two floors? Consider these things before you start loading your furniture on the truck. Will your king size bed will fit in the new bedroom? It’s a great idea measuring the space and planning out (maybe even drawing out) where you are going to put all your stuff. Measurements should include the ceiling height. Since we are on the topic of measurements, get the exact address of the location you are moving to if you are hiring a moving company. When you call us, we usually ask you what’s address, because this may affect your rate.
  3. Know how many boxes and what kind of moving supplies you would need. At Two Men and a Truck® we have a variety of boxes different sizes to accommodate any item. If you have lots of books, canned food, small electronics, you need to use small boxes. The general rule if the heavier the item, the smaller the box you use. For other items, like lamp shades, pots, small kitchen appliances, we offer medium boxes. Large boxes can be used for lamps, pillows, bulky items. Besides boxes, you will need wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, colorful labels. We advise you gather all these before you start packing, so you don’t have to run back to the store in the middle of your move. For your clothes you can use wardrobe boxes and keep your clothes right on hangers. Mirrors, art, TVs can be packed in special flexible boxes and then taped for security. Lots of option in packing supplies department!

Two Men and a Truck® can take care of your moving and packing. We are the Movers Who Care®! Call us to schedule your free consultation and walk through if you are not sure what items can be moved and how much it will cost.

Announcing 2018 Movers for Moms®

This year’s Movers for Moms® annual fundraiser is coming soon. First launched in 2007 by TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, the Movers for Moms® program seeks to recognize moms in crisis on Mother’s Day by arranging delivery of gifts to women living in local shelters on the holiday weekend. In 2017, every TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® location across 39 states collected more than 300,000 items for women living in shelters on Mother’s Day.

We would not be able to help moms in need without our community partners. We are looking for the support of the community by collecting items for donation to a local women’s shelter this Mother’s Day. Please contact us to become a collection partner by email or call (850) 785-2222.

As usually, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® will handle logistics between shelter partners, trucks, pick-ups, deliveries, etc. In addition, we’ll supply every organization with collection boxes, posters and literature about the program. We’ll also provide a list of items requested by the shelter to distribute to the public.

As part of this fundraiser we are going to have a Kick-Off party to introduce the public to the program and provide an opportunity to donate the necessary items. More information on this is coming soon.

Bethel Village of Panama City Rescue Mission is selected as our receiving partner. The local shelter has been helping women and providing them with temporary housing and a safe place to recover. We are happy to partner with them again this year!

Moving During the Holiday Season

We can almost hear the Christmas bells ringing, we can almost smell the Thanksgiving turkey, and we can almost see the beautiful decor inside and outside of our homes, all ready for the holiday season! It’s upon us. The stores switched their displays and some people have already gotten their decor from the attic. However, if you know you will be moving this holiday season, you might think twice about unpacking before you start packing. Moving is stressful, especially during the winter months of festivities.

Postpone the Move

Best decision would be to postpone the move after the holidays. You can not only enjoy having time with friends and family, but have the last memorable event at your house. Besides, there are still Christmas parties to attend, taking kids to see the parade, and go shopping for presents. Another reason to consider a later move, during the holidays staff and movers may be unavailable and the rates are normally higher for the moving companies. So why not save some money and plan your move for after the celebrations?

Have a Strategy

Making sure you have all the packing materials, boxes, tape, bubble wrap ready is very important. Make sure you schedule your move ahead of time, at least 4 weeks or longer. And then start packing. Don’t wait till the last minute, unless you are planning on having your movers pack everything. If you have to move during the holidays, unpack and decorate your new place as soon as possible. This will help you create celebratory and warm atmosphere. With a simple moving plan, you can relax and enjoy gift-giving under a Christmas tree in your new in no time (or Christmas palm tree if you are moving to Florida!).

Downsize and Give back

Moving as you know is a perfect opportunity to downsize and cut down on things that you don’t use often. While going through your decorations, put aside the items you can live without. Many shelters and thrift stores will appreciate a little of holiday joy. Not only you cut down your future time on packing, but you help your community celebrate the holidays. Same goes to non-perishable food that will take space on a truck. Many local charities here in Panama City organize food drives around Thanksgiving, so you can help by dropping off some canned food.

Whatever your holiday plan is and whether it includes relocating to a new home, Two Men and a Truck® Panama City can help. We provide all the necessary moving boxes and packing supplies, we can stop by for a quick free estimate, and we’ll be there on your moving day ready to spread the holiday cheer and carry it into your new home!

Movers For Mutts Charity Program Fall 2017

Movers For Mutts is our annual fundraiser program that helps stray animals and supports local animal shelters. This was our second year for the Panama City location. The program was very successful and thanks to our community partners we collected over 550 items to donate to The Bay County Humane Society.

Back in September, our Kick-Off event for Movers For Mutts program provided an excellent opportunity for the community to learn about the animals in need and how we all can help them.

During the event, Humane Society of Bay County opened their doors for families to visit the shelter, to take some dogs for a walk at the enclosed park, and provided information about the adoption process. Outside we had several fall fair games for kids, like a ball toss, using the large Two Men and a Truck dish packing box, a pumpkin ring toss, as well as pumpkin tick-tack-toe. 

Throughout the duration of this year’s charity drive, we partnered with 15 businesses, community organizations and schools such as Pet Supermarket (both town and beach locations), EarthWise Pet Supply, Forest Park Animal Hospital, Panama City Beach Chamber, City of Panama City, SweetBay Community, Buddy’s Home Furnishings, several Bay County Schools, and WJHG-TV (that also covered our event) to collect pet care essentials. The donations included dog and cat food, cleaning supplies, soap, cat litter, pet toys, and other items. We are so grateful to the community for helping us bring awareness to animals in need!

On November 8, 2017, we brought the donations to the Humane Society.


Plants for Your New Home

After moving all your belongings into your new place and finding a spot for most of your stuff, you probably want to decorate a little and make it feel more like home. What is a better way to do that than with house plants? They have many great benefits that you might have not heard of: they brighten the place up, improve air quality inside, fill in design holes, and even teach your kids responsibility.

Brighten Up

For those who has trouble with design theme for their new home can take advantage of the green helpers. The variety of house plants can bring life and vivid color. Current trend on succulent plants is very popular for small spaces, for example. And edible herbs in the kitchen will make the space more inviting.

Improve Air

Several home plants can help keep our house air clean and toxin free. For example, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, and Devil’s Ivy can purify your air and keep the dangerous air pollutants out. So, not only you can make your home look lovely, but you can keep it healthy as well. 

Help with Design

If you have not became too proficient in interior design and you need to fill in some holes and imperfections, get a couple of plants to fix the situation. Placing plants in different areas of your living space will help you connect the rooms and create a nice flow, even if there is not much sunlight available. Blooming flowers also add a pop of color for your decor. Try keeping it in the same theme though and don’t go overboard.

Teach Children Responsibility

Last, but not least, plants can teach your children how to take care of something alive and also get them more interested in biology. Succulents and herbs are very easy for kids to start developing their green thumbs. Later, they can replant them outside if they want to. They will learn about providing enough sunlight and watering their little green friends, also how seeds become plants (perfect at-home science project with sunflowers and pumpkins!).

No matter what plants you choose for your new home after your move, make sure you transport them safely. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® cannot transport any live plants on the trucks. The best way to do it to protect your plants by covering them loosely with a plastic bag and placing them at the back of your car or on the floor.


Helping Seniors Move Forward

Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® we understand how difficult it can be to endure changes and start over at the new place. It’s even more difficult for our parents and grandparents. Leaving the comfort of your home that you’ve lived in for 30-40 years can me emotionally challenging. That is why we specially train our employees to handle senior moves and make the moving experience as easy as possible.

No matter how far their move will be, it takes kindness, patience, and understanding of any special circumstances during the move. Just think about it, they don’t just move from a home that they lived for a long time, it’s the memories they have to leave behind, sentimental gifts they have at the house, pictures, furniture they’ve chosen together, and all the great times the family had at the house. We send our best crews to assist with the moves, movers who can not necessarily move things fast, but the ones who can explain and walk the customers through the process for better understanding and emotional comfort.

Besides moving heavy furniture and carrying it to the truck we also provide, we can help with packing. In some cases, elderly people are not able to reach certain places, or their grip is not as strong anymore to hold things. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® will provide packing boxes, wrapping paper, tape, and bubble wrap if needed to pack their valuable collection of ornate plates into as many boxes as needed. The movers also can help you sort through the items and put things aside to go to the storage. Most of the time when seniors move they have to downsize. Our movers will listen to your concerns and help you through this emotional time.

Great listening skills are important when moving seniors into a new place. During the planning process, it’s helpful to look into the new layout, so you know where the furniture will go and if it would fit. Once the movers bring it inside, you can direct them to the right spot. If the layout is somewhat similar to the layout at the old house, it’s much easier for elderly to navigate it.

Moving their whole life into a different home can take a toll on senior citizens. Our goal is to make the move stress-free and the transition to the new house smooth. Just give us a call at (850) 875-2222 and we can come out for a free at-home estimate.